Traditional vs Green Carpet Cleaning in London

Traditional vs green carpet cleaning in LondonBelieve it or not but there have been some pretty impressive advancements in the field of London carpet cleaners, (although to be fair it’s not something many people think about) and the rise of green cleaning is definitely one of them. In the past the use of dangerous and harsh chemicals was the primary approach to achieve clean carpets, but this isn’t the case anymore. Now there are a whole range of different options, and they are not only doing wonders for your carpet, but also for your health, and the planet. But is the use of these green carpet cleaning methods really as effective as the old ways?

Traditional vs green carpet cleaning – which works best?

Some people are still lured by the idea that traditional carpet cleaning is the superior method to use, and it’s understandable why – the chemicals used in this approach are extremely powerful and do allow for high quality outcomes to be achieved. However the advances in green cleaning are such that even without the power of the chemicals previously used, amazing results can still be seen. So in the battle of green vs traditional, green definitely comes out on top, and not just for cleaning quality.

So why is green carpet cleaning so much better?

In essence green carpet cleaning has helped in the reduced used of chemicals and materials that are now known to pose a risk to people and the planet. New and improved methods such as steam cleaning mean these old approaches no longer have to be relied on as they were in the past. London carpet cleaners are now able to get fantastic results without putting anyone at risk. But in many cases the people hiring carpet cleaning services in London (and everywhere else) didn’t even know about the risks these chemicals were posing to their health. However now this awareness is being raised and fewer and fewer cleaning services are offering services that promote these methods any more.

The health benefits of going green

Aside from getting a great clean for your carpet in London, as mentioned above, the health benefits are just as important to be aware of. One of the most notable things that going green allows in improved air quality – anyone who has ever used chemicals to do cleaning will know the smell and feeling that they tend to leave in the air long after they are used. Some are so powerful, in fact, that even the manufacturers recommend ventilation and non-contact with the skin due to the risks they pose. As a result of this approach, in the past many households in London who were using the traditional carpet cleaning method suffered from lung, eye and skin irritations, which could be quite severe. However with the new green approaches, these chemicals aren’t even used, meaning less danger to those living in the homes being cleaned. It also means much healthier working environments for the cleaners actually doing the cleaning, which is certainly no bad thing.

The benefits to the planet

Just as strong and abrasive chemicals are dangerous to the health of individuals using them in London, they are also considerably damaging to the environment. Such materials, when used consistently over long periods of time, have now been found to have a notable effect on the planet’s O-Zone layer, which in turn is leading to issues such as global warming. Of course these chemicals are far from the only factor contributing to this, but any small steps that can be taken to reduce the damage to the O-Zone is something we need to take seriously, and the new arrival of green cleaning methods means that those who need a carpet clean in London are no longer inadvertently causing damage to the planet as a result, which is quite simply good news for everyone. For this reason, and of course the reason of safety, it’s increasingly likely that carpet cleaners offering traditional cleaning methods in London are not likely to be in business much longer unless they start turning green.