How To Hire The Best Removals for Your London Move?

Removals LondonWith thousands of moves in the UK every year it will be a big surprise if you are able to hire the right removals London for your relocation. So choosing reliable removals for your moving task is a must. To help you make the right decision will give you some hints and tips below.

  1. A good Estimate

The good London removals will make an accurate estimate of the items you want to move. They will come to visit your place and will check all details before giving you a final price on moving. They must check all drawers, wardrobes, boxes and bags in your home. You need to be sure to hire removals who made an accurate estimate or your move can become a nightmare.

  1. Don’t Pay Money Up Front

There are no reputable London removals who will ask you to pay money up front. So if a particular removal company wants you to pay a deposit you must avoid at all costs. You need to pay only when moving process is complete and all items are moves safely to your new place. To avoid fraud you must pay with a credit card or cheque. Cash payments are untraceable.

  1. Avoid Removals Who Have Changed Their Name

Some removals are trying to hide their negative reviews online by changing their name. By this reason you must check the company background very carefully. Your best bet will be to search online on sites like Yelp or

  1. Hire Only London Removals with References

The best option is to use removals which are recommended by your friends and family but if you don’t have such, we advise you to use removals who are accredited by BAR – British Association of Removers. Finally when you have shortlisted few London removal companies you need to ask them to offer you are recommendations from their past clients. This way you will be a 100% sure that you will hire reliable removals for your move.

  1. Save some money on packing

If you pack your items yourself you can save a lot of money on moving project. However, if you pack your items yourself – the entire responsibility in case of damage will be yours – the removals are not responsible for broken items they didn’t packed. If you decide to leave the packing to your London removals you need at least to buy the boxes and packing materials yourself or you will get much higher prices by the removals. You need also to ask them if they have enough packing experience. Most removal companies are very careful when doing packing but you need to make sure that the one you use know what is doing.

  1. Beware of Extra Costs

Make sure you give all the details to your removals or you have the chance to pay bigger price than expected. For example if your new property is on the 4th floor without a lift and you forgot to mention that to your London removals…This can cause a dramatic price increase for your move. Another example is the parking – if the removal team is not able to park near your front door this will most likely change your final price ( this is because the removals need to carry much more work to unload your items). So to avoid this scenarios you must tell your London removals even the smallest details.

  1. Avoid Blank Contracts

Never sign a blank contract or you can get yourself in a trouble. All moving fees should be included in the contract as well as the moving dates and times. Make sure that all personal items are listed in the contract or you can get some extra costs on your final bill.

  1. Removals Insurance

Make sure that your chosen company has a 100 % full insurance. If the company is insured they will value all your personal belongings prior the move. Note that a good moving insurance costs a lot so fully insured removals may offer you bigger price to be able to cover the insurance costs.

We hope these moving tips will help you to choose professional and reliable London removals company for a reasonable price.