How to Choose the Right Size of Moving Van

moving-vanRelocating to a different place may not look like a complicated project at first. However once the real job begins, problems and difficulties arise. The moving process involves a number of tasks and important considerations.

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From choosing the right man and van company to packing and transporting your entire life, you need to thoroughly plan each aspect of the relocation. One of the primary struggles of many people is picking the right vehicle to transport their belongings.

If the moving van is too small, you may not be able to fit your belongings. You will either need to unload your stuff and rent another vehicle or make additional moving arrangements for the excess of items. In both cases, it will be costly, time- consuming and inconvenient. Spare yourself the stress and the costs and make the right choice. Here are a couple of tips to help you nail it the first time around and pick the ideal van size.

Be familiar with the cubic size per van

The moving companies offer a variety of removal van hire options. Each van is designed to hold a certain amount of items, depending on the cubic feet. The measures outlined by the service provider include the entire open space of the vehicle’s storage area from the bottom to the roof. This reduces the available cubic feet space right away, because it’s hard to fill the entire van, unless you are an expert packer. Therefore, it’s always wise to pick a slightly larger vehicle than what you expect.

Consider the type and the amount of your belongings

Another way in which man with van hire companies make it easier for movers to identify their van needs is by using the number of rooms. For example, a 20-cubic-foot van can fit approximately three rooms of furniture. You will find a list of the vehicles’ capacity based on the rooms in your home, so you don’t need to deal with cubic foot measurement. Keep in mind, though, that these are approximate estimates based on the typical furniture in a given room, like one sofa, a chair and a table for a living room. If the rooms in your home contain a lot of furniture pieces, they will take up more space. You need to establish the number and the size of the items you want to move and then decide what type of moving van you need. When in doubt, it’s always better to pick the next size up to allow more space.

Pick the ideal van size

  1. The first step is to count the rooms in your home and to make an inventory of your possessions. A good way to determine the cubic feet of space needed is by multiplying the number of your rooms by 150. This method provides a pretty accurate estimate of how much space you’ll need to be able to fit your belongings.
  2. Avoid renting a van that is too big, because it is a waste of money and gas. Furthermore, it imposes a certain risk of damages and breakages. The last thing you want is furniture and boxes sliding around the empty space.
  3. Get the opinion of the man and van company. If you are not sure about your estimates, you can always ask for advice from the experts. They will be happy to help you determine whether the van you are renting matches your needs.
  4. When renting a removal van, don’t cut back on the moving supplies and tools such as blankets, straps, hand trucks and dollies.

With this in mind, you can pick the ideal van size for your move and relocate without the undue stress.