Gardening Pots: Go Local and Save Environment

gardening-potsIf you have even a little concern for our environment then you would certainly agree with what I am going to explain in next few paragraphs. As a gardener we all love plants and this proves that we all care for our environment and our earth equally.Plants have two modes of planting i.e. garden surface planting and the pot planting.

Yes, you guessed right!

We are discussing about pots, their transportation and how this affects our environment. The environmental impact of the transportation of gardening pots is much more severe than what you could have imagined.

Gardening pots are manufactured in every part of the world. Each part, country, area, and region has its own peculiar art, methodology, technique, beauty, life, and appearance of various types gardening pots. The raw material for making these pots is also different in different parts of the world. It is simple clay at some place and may be china clay at another place. In Italy they generally produce lovely gas fired high quality terracotta pots while in China they make gas fired fully glazed pots using coal and oil also. Similarly in Malaysia the gardening pots are gas fired and raw rimed while in Indonesia and Vietnam specific wooden and unglazed pots are very popular.

All these pots also display their local art and have high impacts of their cultures as well. These gardening pots are transported all over the world and many people love to buy gardening pots of different countries and decorate their gardens. There appears nothing wrong in this. It helps international trade and commerce also and many people around the world get employment and earnings out of all this.

But at what cost ultimately? You will be surprised to know that this gardening pots transportation business is causing heavy damage to our environment. You as an active and responsible gardener have a duty to understand this and promote using local pots for planting purposes.

Let me explain this for you. The gardening pots are manufactured by different methods and then get transported using different means of transportation. Several means of transportation have been used till it gets in to your hands. It includes all means i.e. rail, road, air, and sea transports. The more distance a simple or special gardening pot travels the more it helps in increasing the pollution. It ultimately adds up to more greenhouse effect and depletion in the ozone layer and our renewable energy sources.

Locally made gardening pots on the other hand helps you avoid such devastating impacts on our environment. Ceramic pots are manufactured using gas firing methods, coal firing, wood firing, and rice husk firing methods. Gas firing method is one of the least damaging methods while the rice husk firing methods is the most risky method for our environment.

In nutshell it is the type of energy that has been used for manufacturing the gardening pots and you must be aware of this. Normally by your experience you can easily judge about this once you know the source of the pot.

So, you need to think seriously as what is more important to you? A plant or a pot?

And if you really love plants, gardens, earth and its environment then next time when you shop for gardening pots better go local!