A Full Guide to a Loft Clearance

a-full-guide-to-a-loft-clearanceHaving a good clear out in your home will make you feel better and open you mind. Getting rid of rubbish and items that are broken or you do not use anymore is a great feeling and will also produce more space. Most of us spend our lives struggling to find enough space for household things, heirlooms and children’s toys etc. So what could be better than having spare room at last?

One of the areas of the home that are easily forgotten about is the loft space; that is, until the suitcases come out for the summer holidays or the decorations for Christmas! Then as you hunt through the mess why not make it your challenge and have a good clear out? Here we help guide you through the challenge of loft decluttering.

Why have a clear out of your loft space?

The loft is a space that is frequently forgotten about. But, if you took the time to tidy up and have a bit of a loft clearance you would find yourself with another spare room. The lofts can be turned into another living space for sports, music, TV, or even a snooker table. Or it can simply be used a well organised storage space for you to use for your surplus possessions that may be cluttering up other areas of your home.

Where to start when you want more space in the loft

Make sure you set some time aside. When you enter the loft you will find a lot of old memorabilia that can take up a lot of time to go through. Before deciding what to keep, try to filter out the rubbish and dispose of it. If it is plastic, glass, cardboard, paper or metal then bag it up and add it to the rubbish for your regular waste collection. If there is a lot you may have to reconsider and hire a professional clearance company for a proper rubbish removal service.

How to deal with the unwanted objects from your loft

Once the rubbish clearance has taken place the next job is to sort them into piles of what to keep, sell or give away. Whatever you are keeping make sure it is packaged or stored properly so that it doesn’t get dirty or dusty. Arrange an area that is going to store your precious belongings. For the things you want to sell or give away start transferring them to the ground floor and first ask people you know if they want anything. If you think it is worth some money then tell any interested parties it is for sale. For the remaining ask family and friends if there is anything they want. Alternatively, donate to local charity shops. These organizations will be happy to take items left over after your attic clearance off your hands.

If you get stuck with unwanted bits and pieces

There will be things that you can’t sell or give away. You could hold a yard sale, attend a car boot sale or sell them on the internet. This will mean you are appealing to a larger audience with your loft clearance items. These are popular ways for people to get a bargain from other people’s junk. You may have to sell it cheap, however a bit of money can help you buy new storage space or turn the loft into a new area to use. Whatever you decide to do with the items, loft clearing will most certainly have a positive effect on the way you enjoy your living space.