8 Ways to Reduce House Removal Costs in Bow

8 Ways to Reduce House Removal Costs in BowBanking on a stress-free move

Moving house can be an expensive and stressful business and one that most of us have experienced at least once during our lifetime. Some costs during a house move will, of course, be unavoidable but there are a number of ways in which you can cut costs and save money that can be put to better use on your new home in Bow. Here are our seven top tips for making yourself at home without breaking the bank on home removals.

Plan ahead. Never leave anything until the last minute; before the ink is dry on the contract for your new home, draw up a plan starting around four weeks before your move to help you keep on top of the house removal and to keep costs as low as possible. Putting together a checklist on moving house is key.

Shop around for the best quotes on moving services. You may find that looking for a removals outside of your immediate area may actually prove to be more cost-effective. Book your Bow removals company as far in advance as possible as this will usually lead to extra savings. Weekends are prime time for removal companies as removals are paid up to double time on Saturdays and Sundays and so, if you are able to complete your move on a weekday this can prove to be a huge saving.

Ask your moving company if they can provide packing boxes for your domestic removal Bow. Many moving services offer this but, if they can’t then many supermarkets and other large stores give these away for free so call around your local stores.

Of course you want to protect your valuable and valued possessions but, instead of forking out for rolls of bubble wrap, pack delicate items in layers of clothing and place in between other soft items such as bedding, towels and throws. Hire a packing service if you are not sure how to properly pack your fragile items.

Make up a moving day supplies box in order avoid making unnecessary purchases on the day. Essentials like coffee, tea, snacks, bottled water and pens and paper should be kept close to hand to avoid the temptation of buying expensive takeaway food and drinks.

Plan well ahead if you have children or pets – with enough advance notice, friends and family may be happy to help out by looking after Fido and the kids for the day / night saving you money on kennels and childcare. Should you need somebody to take your dog for just a few hours, it may be worth checking out dog walkers in Bow (always, of course, checking references first), as they may be willing to keep hold of your pet for a bit longer for a small fee.

Organise your utilities – Before and after your home removal, you will need to ensure that all of your services and bills have been transferred / set up. It can be really expensive to call numbers starting with 0845, but you can do all of this for free online.

Don’t forget to donate or sell the items you no longer use or need. If you do not have the time to sell them you can donate them to a local charity based in your Bow area. There are many organisations that accept donations of all types including clothes, shoes, furniture, large appliances, etc. donating your possessions you can help the people in need. If you want to minimise removal costs then you should organise a garage sale or sale your unwanted possessions online.

It is easy to reduce the cost of removals if you are organised and prepare for the process in advance. You need to know what you are doing if you want to experience a smooth and problem-free move. Avoid completing every aspect of the process on your own as this can be very a time-consuming and tiresome job. To avoid the hassle you can just hire a cheap removal service and entrust them with the job. There are many companies in Bow or the neighbouring districts that can do a good job without charging you the earth for their services.